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TAPELASTIC  is  a  two  component,  elastomeric,  flexible,  acrylic  polymer  modified  cementitious  waterproofing  protective  coating  system in slurry form.

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TAPELASTIC  is  a  two  component,  elastomeric,  flexible,  acrylic coating  polymer  modified  cementitious  waterproofing  protective  coating  system in slurry form.


  • Easy  application; It can  applied  by  brush,  roller,  squeegee or sprayed by local workers at site.
  • Resistant to UV (Ultra‐Violet)  rays
  • Ready to use components can be mixed at site before  application.
  • Bonds well with all conventional cementitious and lime  substrates.
  • Safe for Water Tanks containing potable water.
  • Establishes  a  breathable  one  way  traffic  system  for  moisture, without blistering of coatings.
  • Strong resistance to chloride and sulphate attacks, thus  making it very suitable for Marine construction.
  • Assured  consistent  quality;  both  components  are  batched and packed in factory and no outside material is  used.


  • As a waterproofing treatment for roof, over new and old  concrete,  on  basements  and  rafts  against  rising  dampness.
  • In masonry work  as a coating to prevent salt petre over  brick work.
  • Damp  patches  on  walls,  to  seal  joints  through  which  there is possibility of water ingress and in any other area,  where  a  quick  solution  for  water  proofing  and  damp  proofing is required.
  • The flexible nature of the product enables TAPELASTIC (acrylic coating) to  accommodate  thermal  stresses,  expansion  and  contraction of structures due to change in weather. This  treatment  is  particularly  suitable  for  liquid  retaining  structures,  water  bodies,  reservoirs,  balconies,  water  tanks, fountains, basements, dome structures, decks and  terraces.
  • It can span over cracks and fissures upto 0.2. mm widths.   TAPELASTIC can be reinforced with fibre glass mats.


  •  Colour : Grey or White (as per requirement)    Components : 2
  • Mixing Ratio of Component A & B  : 1 : 3
  • Mixed Density of Slurry  : 1.9  + 0.1 kg per litre
  • Tensile Strength @ 28 days  : > 8 Mpa
  • Flexibility : > 30 %
  • PACKING :  4 kg and  20 kg kit.
    Each kit contains a liquid polymer (Component A) and powder pack  (Component B) .

1 year if kept in un‐opened condition.



TAPELASTIC (acrylic coating) can be applied on wood, steel, metal and concrete substrates. Steel and  metal surfaces should be clean and free from rust and mill scales. Concrete substrate on  which TAPELASTIC is to be applied, should be well cured and sound, free from cracks, oil  contamination etc. Cracks, if any, should be repaired properly, before application of   TAPELASTIC.  Substrate  should  be  thoroughly  pre‐witted with water to a saturated surface dry condition before the first coat of TAPELASTIC is applied.

The second coat can be applied  after 4 to 5 hours,  i.e. after the first coat has dried.  To prepare the TAPELASTIC slurry, slowly pour the powder i.e. Component‐B into the  liquid polymer i.e. Component‐A and keep on mixing, using  a slow speed drill fitted with  a suitable impeller (400 to 500 RPM).

Only that amount of material should be mixed  which can be consumed in about 30 minutes at 30 o C ambient temperature.  Faster  setting can take place if ambient temperatures are higher.

This mixing can be done in  an ordinary plastic bucket.  After achieving a homogeneous mix, use a block brush, roller,  squeegee or spray to spread the material evenly over the surface.

In case the mix is  found to be too harsh, a maximum of 10% water on the total weight (Component ‐ A +  B) may be added to obtain a smooth and brush able consistency.  To cover 1 m 2  in two  coats, about 1 kg to 2 kg  of mixed material is required, depending on the porosity of  the  substrate.  In  areas,  where  abrasion  or  possibilities  of  floor  abuse  is  there,  a  protective screed over the TAPELASTIC coating is recommended.


After application of final coat of TAPELASTIC, initial air drying shall be done for 2 to 6 hours.  During this period, no water should be used for curing.  In areas of high wind or  in places with high ambient temperature, use a polythene sheet to avoid rapid drying of  the coating.

After a maximum period of 6 hours after the final application, moist curing  shall be done for the next 24 hours, either by spraying water or by using wet burlap.

During this period, the TAPELASTIC  coating at no point of time should be left completely  dry or submerged in water.  After the moist curing, the TAPELASTIC coating shall be  allowed to air dry for 3 days, before submersion in water.


1.5 ‐ 2 kg /m 2  for 2 coats, depending on porosity of substrate.


  • Do not apply this product if  the relative humidity exceeds 95% or if the substrate temperature is  within 3 o C of the  dew  point.
  • During the first 12 hours of curing, it  must be protected from abrasion, rain  and other adverse conditions.
  • No  traffic  shall  be  allowed  on  a  standard  TAPELASTIC  surface  within  48 hours after installation.
  • Curing  of  TAPELASTIC  membrane  should  be  done  as  per  recommendation.
  • Reinforcement  rods  and  other  sharp  material should not be dragged over  the  TAPELASTIC  membrane,  as  this  can puncture the same.


Our products are generally Non Toxic and Harmless ,provided protections are taken during handling . Wear protective clothing , eye glasses , gloves etc. In case eyes or mouth are affected wash with plenty of clean water and seek medical treatment immediately.





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