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Elastomeric primer an acrylic polymer based waterproofing protective coating system. In addition to UV resistance acrylic polymer, CHRYSO PROOF ACRYLIC is designed with alkali-acid resistance micro-fibre enhance tensile strength proprietary additives to resist post growth of algae and fungus and selected pigments reduces surface temperature up to 15°C when exposed to direct sun light. The thixotropic nature of the coating helps to apply thick film to get desired film thickness (1 to 1.5 mm) with minimum no of coats.



    • Easy to apply
    • High polymer paste form
    • Mould and fungus resistance
    • Bridges cracks and remains flexible
    • Resistance to uv rays
    • Water based and Non-Toxic
    • Available in attractive colours


5 layer system:

  • Waterproofing of old and new roofs
  • Refurbishment of old concrete roofs and  concrete gutters

3 layer system:

  • Waterproofing of external walls of old  buildings, metal roofs, gutters and asbestos  roofs.
  • Waterproofing of old roof tiles

Method of Application of ELASTOMERIC PRIMER

Surface Preparation
Prior to application of CHRYSO PROOF ACRYLIC, all surfaces must be prepared properly to avoid failure. The surface shall be cleaned to remove all dust, foreign material/loose particles or any deposit of contaminants, which could affect the bond between the original substrate and the CHRYSO PROOF ACRYLIC system. This can be done by scarifying, grinding, water blasting, acid washing or any other approved method. Rectify depression / honey-comb (if any) in the surface, use CHRYSO ARMOURCRETE mortar (1 part CHRYSO ARMOURCRETE, 2 part cement, 4 part medium washed and) and leave it for at least 24 hours before application of CHRYSO PROOF ACRYLIC.

Treatment of Cracks
If there is any crack up to 2 mm, clean those cracks with vacuum cleaner, to open cracks, pour CHRYSO PROOF ACRYLIC PRIMER followed by a coat of CHRYSO PROOF ACRYLIC along the crack line and leave it to dry for over night.

Application of Elastomeric Primer

Though CHRYSO PROOF ACRYLIC adheres strongly with most of building materials like cement concrete, mortar, bricks, woods etc., use of CHRYSO PROOF ACRYLIC PRIMER provide better performance of final coating system. Stir well the Primer and apply it with soft nylon brush or roller over the dry surface.
Generally, one coat is sufficient. If the surface is too porous apply two coats of Elastomeric Primer. Time gap between two coats should be 2-3 hours.

Application of Proof Acrylic

After the application primer coat allow it to reach touch dry for 2- 3 hours. Stir CHRYSO PROOF ACRYLIC to a homogeneous smooth consistency and apply it horizontally with soft nylon brush, roller or squeeze to thickness of 500-600 microns in single coat. Allow it to dry for approx. 4-5 hours. When the applied coat becomes sufficiently dry (no foot print observed) apply second coat vertically. Two coats are sufficient for general waterproofing (1mm thickness) but for severe conditions, three or more coats are required to achieve desired results.


    • Available in 20 kg in various attractive colors
    • Standard colors: white & grey
    • Other colours: refer to our colour chart

Cleaning: Clean all brushes, roller, trays, buckets and surrounding areas with clean water before products set.

Approx.30 sqm. Per 20 Kg for 1 coat at film (dry) thickness of 0.3 mm.


In case of eye splashes or excessive skin contact, thoroughly flush with clean water. If ill effects occur, seek medical attention  immediately.



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