Waterproofing Coating


An acrylic polymer based waterproofing protective coating and repairing compound most commonly used for bathroom waterproofing, basement waterproofing coating, waterproofing roof coating, waterproofing coating for concrete.

Best waterproofing coating :-

CHRYSO ARMOURCRETE is an Acrylic Polymer based waterproofing protective coating and repairing compound moreover CHRYSO ARMOURCRETE polymer, when mixed with cement, will provide a mortar which will have much better adhesive properties, impact strength, flexural strength and it combats with thin section fragility, when compared to ordinary cement mortars.

Advantages of waterproofing coating:


    • Resistant to UV (Ultra-Violet) rays .
    • Thixotropic – can be applied in uniform thickness on vertical and horizontal surfaces.
    • Develops excellent bond with most of the building materials.
    • Prevents peeling and blistering.
    • Arrests salt peter and prevents penetration of salts into concrete and mortar.
    • Unaffected by chemical attacks ranging from mild acids to strong alkalis.
    • Highly durable in continuous wet service condition.
    • Non-flammable and does not emit toxic gases, when exposed to fire.
    • Resists corrosion and rotting.
    • One time application, properties improve with age.
    • Eco-friendly, harmless to workers.

Uses of waterproofing coating:


    • This polymer modified mortar is ideal for use in new areas, as well as in renovation work for surfacing, protecting, waterproofing, shot creating, gunniting ,sprayed mortar, repairs to concrete, brick work, masonry and also as a filling material for joints, grooves, etc.
    • This is recommended for basements, toilets, roof gardens, terraces, swimming pools and water towers.
    • In general concrete repairs, It protects concrete against salt and chemical attacks and corrosion.
    • It is fully compatible with all conventional construction material.



    • Form :: Liquid
    • Colour :: Milky White
    • Specific Gravity :: 1.03 + 0.02
    • pH :: 7 – 9
    • Chloride Content :: Nil ? As per BS : 5075, Part-I?
    • Bond Strength :: >3 N/mm2 at 27ºC (Cement: ARMOURCRETE = 100 : 52 by wt.)


20 & 100 kg containers.


12 (Twelve) months if kept in unopened condition.



SURFACE PREPARATION Prior to application of it, all surfaces must be prepared properly to avoid failure.

    • The surface shall be cleaned to remove all dust, foreign materials / loose particles or any deposit of contaminants, which could affect the bond between the original substrate and the CHRYSO ARMOURCRETE Systems. This can be done by scarifying, grinding, water blasting, sand blasting, acid washing or by any other approved method.
    • New flat surfaces like sub-base concrete shall be reasonably smooth, so as not to impede the application of CHRYSO ARMOURCRETE system and to avoid sharp projections.
    • All concrete surfaces (flat and vertical/inclined) shall be thoroughly pre-wetted for at least one hour prior to the application of CHRYSO ARMOURCRETE system by vigorously spraying water.
    • When placing CHRYSO ARMOURCRETE system, all water shall be removed so that surface is only damp or surface dry. In no case there shall be standing water or the surface should not be a shiny wet surface.
    • Leveling depression (if any) in the surface, use CHRYSO ARMOURCRETE filler which is a mixture of cement, silica sand and CHRYSO ARMOURCRETE in the ratio 1 : 1.5 : 0.52.This filler can also be used for sealing cracks ,construction joints etc.


CHRYSO ARMOURCRETE ( waterproofing coating) polymer is mixed with neat cement in the ratio of 100 kg Cement : 52 kg of CHRYSO ARMOURCRETE. The mix has to be stirred thoroughly, until no air bubbles remain in the mix and any lump found in the mix, should be removed.

The mix has to be applied by brush on rendered and/or prepared surface. Two or more coats are recommended. First coat should be allowed to air dry for 5-6 hours.

In case of porous structures the surface should be made wet before application. For CHRYSO ARMOURCRETE MEMBRANE the coating should be reinforced with fibre glass fabric.

After application of final coat of CHRYSO ARMOURCRETE, initial air drying shall be done for 2 to 6 hours. During this period, no water should be used for curing. In areas of high wind or in places with high ambient temperature, use a polythene sheet to avoid rapid drying of the coating.

After a maximum period of 6 hours after the final application, moist curing shall be done for the next 24 hours, either by spraying water or by using wet burlap.

During this period, the CHRYSO ARMOURCRETE coating at no point of time should be left completely dry or submerged in water. After the moist curing, This coating shall be allowed to air dry for 3 days, before submersion in water



    • Material For Single Coat On Concrete:- (kg/sqr. Mtr.)
    • For double coats on concrete:- (kg/sqr. Mtr.)
    • cement:- 0.488 0.730
    • CHRYSO ARMOURCRETE Polymer :-0.253 0.379



    • Material 1.5 mm thick
    • Cement 1.289 kg/m2
    • CHRYSO ARMOURCRETE polymer 0.670 kg/m2 Fine silica sand 1.289 kg/m


Accelerator = 100 : 15-20 : 20-25 : 350 : 5 (by wt.)



    • CHRYSO ARMOURCRETE System must be applied when ambient temperature is above 10 o C and below 35 0 C.
    • During first 12 hours of curing it must be protected from abrasion, rain and other adverse conditions.
    • No traffic shall be allowed on a standard CHRYSO ARMOURCRETE surface within 48 hours after installation
    • Curing of CHRYSO ARMOURCRETE membrane should be done as per recommendation
    • Reinforcement rods and other sharp material should not be dragged over the CHRYSO ARMOURCRETE membrane, as this can puncture the same.


Our products are generally Non Toxic and harmless, provided protections are taken during handling . Wear protective clothing , eye glasses , gloves etc. In case eyes or mouth are affected wash with plenty of clean water and seek medical treatment immediately.



Founded in 1942, CHRYSO is the technology leader in admixtures for construction materials. We provide our customers – cement manufacturers, ready-mix concrete, precast manufacturers, Applicators and Distributors and construction companies – with our expertise in chemistry, formulation and knowledge of construction materials.